Fisher’s 9 Months Old!


My baby is growing up so fast!  He was officially 9 months old on February 10th and we recently had a photo session with Kristina Hall Photography.  She is amazing with him and takes the sweetest pictures!  Let me tell you that it does not get easier to photograph them as they get older – all of the moving around is just crazy, but they do have more facial expressions and are able to do more so you have better options.  Needless to say, it was challenging, but we got some great photos!  Now we have to plan for his 1st Birthday photos (EEK!).

It is difficult to try to describe how the time has flown by.  I think when people use that expression they say it with regret like they didn’t get to do everything they wanted in the 9 months or however long the time period may have been for them.  I feel like it has been 9 months for sure, but that I do have a few regrets in terms of how my time has been spent throughout those 9 months.  Did I get full satisfaction out of my time with Fisher???  I will never get that time back so it is important that I am happy with it.  Well, I probably could have done more in those 9 months, but I just need to continue to make the most of these oh so important “baby years” with him and with our little family.

So we move forward…we move onward…c’est la vie!!!  Off to very exciting moments watching him crawl all over the house and begin to pull up and let go and all kinds of fun things.  Fun food explorations…new sounds and new words.  His expressions are priceless!  We just continue to make those memories and enjoy our time together.

Is it time for a new addition!?!

Hello blogging world!

I’ve always wanted to be the type to record everything. The idea of keeping a sort of digital file has always appealed to me, but like lots of other people life just kind of gets away from you! That being said, it’s time for me to take a stand and start tracking my life for the sake of my family. If I don’t then how will we ever remember every little important, interesting and irreplaceable moment we experience together???

So here I go. Go me! I think I can, I think I can.

With love,