Quick & Delicious Farro Salad (Uno’s Copycat Recipe)


They have a healthy side option at Uno’s called the Farro Salad.  It is delish!  I usually get the roasted vegetable wrap with the farro salad on the side.  It is the perfect amount and just the right flavors.  With spring right around the corner (fingers crossed!), this is the perfect combination of comfort and fresh rolled into one!

Since we have had some sunny days and warmer weather, I thought I would try my own little version to see if it would be as tasty.  Here is what I did:

Trader Joe’s has a 10-minute Farro that I picked up during my last shopping trip.


Super simple, super easy.  Just boil water:


Add farro:


Boil for 10-12 minutes (according to package directions) and then drain.  That’s it in a nutshell.  Now, to make it similar to Uno’s recipe, I added a bit of olive oil (2 Tbsp.), balsamic vinegar (2-3 Tbsp.), and salt + pepper to taste.  Then I used persian cucumbers and grape tomatoes from Trader Joe’s to add some freshness.  The end product was perfect when we paired it with our Mahi Mahi fillets from Trader Joe’s!


I hope you get a chance to try this delicious comforting and fresh side with your next meal!  Bon Appetite!


Grocery Hauls! and Review of Products???


I just love doing my grocery hauls.  What is it about a huge bounty of food to fill up your refrigerator that puts a giant smile on your face!?!  Come check out some of the different hauls I post on my YouTube page.  I am wondering if people would be interested in a review of some of the products that I buy?  I don’t think any of the items I get are that interesting or different, but I don’t know how helpful those kinds of reviews are.  Please post a comment to let me know if you would be interested in a review of the products.  I can post a video and do a coordinating blog post with it.  Hope to hear from some of you! 🙂